About the Artist

A timid child, Lou P. Nasso’s seemingly ordinary middle-class upbringing was less than ideal. His mom constantly pecked at him, berating and humiliating him for the amusement of friends. His dad — a bitter, self-righteous man, loved to set his unfortunate son up for failure and seemed to derive great satisfaction in yelling at poor Lou after each and every impossible chore had gone unfulfilled. Programmed to fuck up, in one instance Lou almost accidentally killed his dad. As his dad exploded with rage, yelling and calling him stupid, Lou immediately regretted that the accident had not been fatal. It was an unbearable life that Nasso desperately sought to escape.

As a small child he found release in art, doing naked clay sculptures and drawing naked pictures of his granny for his friends. Puberty was a particularly hard time for Nasso. After his parents forbade him from making his “perverted” art, his secret focus turned to sexual depravity.

One day Nasso discovered a new release in the S&M lifestyle. He turned the coin on his timid personality by exploring his dominant side. Eventually he broke the bonds of his unfortunate upbringing and rediscovered art. His early work centered mostly around fan art depicting authority figures from his favorite movies, disciplinary scenes of them yelling at kids. His favorite ongoing artistic focus is upon the nature of sexuality and fetishes, burning these clandestine works regularly in Satanic rituals which help him muster up the confidence to get laid.

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