Artist Statement

Cubism’s collages of fragmented time and space have always inspired me. The style goes hand in hand with the more detailed Regressionist art and philosophy, viewing the physical universe from various perspectives and positions in time.

Abandoning Pop Cubism briefly to develop more detailed work, I could not stay away from the style for long. Fusing the style with my colorfully expressive technique (example: Nice Night for a Walk), it was necessary to split the hybrid apart once again, that a new style (Regressionism) could be born.

At this point, my goal is to take my Pop Cubist work all the way back to its earliest roots, totally simplifying it, that the style can be reborn and go another direction. Work displayed on this site at this time is generally older, experimental work that was either sold cheap or given as gifts. Much of this artwork is intended to be humorous.

© Nasso Pop Cubism